Most Estate Planning attorneys include a will, a power of attorney, health care directives and a revocable living trust. Is that all you need for your Estate Plan? At Donald Law Office we think your Estate Plan should be what you want it to be, not what we think it should be.

At Donald Law Office our Estate Plans include a will, a power of attorney, health care directives, and revocable living trusts, but only if you want them to. If you currently have an Estate Plan, ask yourself this question, how did you get the plan you have? Did you pick it? Did your attorney pick it? Did you get a word processed plan (one that substitutes your name for the previous client’s name)? At Donald Law Office you will get a plan that YOU the client pick! You will be given several options based that will meet the needs that YOU identify, not the attorney. For example, if you hate broccoli and never want to be fed broccoli if you are in a nursing home, does your current trust explain that? Does it let your loved ones or care givers know that you hate broccoli? At Donald Law Office, we have a plan that can allow you to be that specific. Most people might not care about what they are fed, but what about your personal hygiene? Want your hair washed at least twice per week? At Donald Law Office we can arrange for that to be in your Estate Plan. Did the attorney that wrote your current plan even ask you about questions like that? I’m willing to guess that he or she did not.

What about the right of first refusal or a trust protector or a no contest clause that usually keeps the peace when you pass? Is your trust distributed out right upon your death or does it go into a trust for your loved ones so that they don’t lose everything to a law suit? What about that child of yours that might be a spend thrift? Does your trust protect that child from spending the money carelessly? At Donald Law Office our trusts can do these things, if YOU the client want YOUR trust to do these for YOU.

Are you sensing a theme here? Donald Law Office facilitates the drafting of the trust for you, the client, but you the client will determine what you want in the trust. We just make things easier by asking the right questions and putting you in charge and control of your Estate Plan.
Not sure if your Estate Plan does all you want it to do? Bring your Estate Plan by our office and have our attorney look at it for you, free of charge. You tell us what you want your plan to do; we will tell you if it will do it.