Veterans’ Benefits

The Donald Law Office thanks all Veterans for their service and commitment to our country.

We know that as an older veteran, you may be entitled to specific benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – and one of the least known programs under the VA is the Pension Benefits Program. Don’t lose out on a pension you may entitled because you’ve heard horror stories about navigating the VA system or because the process seems too complicated.

Pension Benefit Program

The Veteran’s Pension Program “provides monthly payments to wartime Veterans who meet certain age or disability requirements, and who have income and net worth within certain limits.” The Veteran’s Pension Program does not cover medical or hospital care, nor does it provide compensation for service-related injuries.

The VA Pension Benefit Program was designed to provide supplemental income through tax-free monthly payments for eligible veterans and their families, and offers two different pensions:

  • A Veteran’s Pension, which provides a monthly payment for low-income Veterans who served during wartime.
  • The Survivor’s Pension, which provides a monthly payment to the spouse of a deceased wartime Veteran, provided he/she has not remarried. The Survivor’s Pension may also, in some circumstances, provide a small monthly tax-free payment to the unmarried children of a deceased wartime Veteran.

If you are a Veteran who served during wartime, age 65 or older, or are the spouse of a deceased wartime Veteran, then you may be entitled to this VA Pension Benefit – which is tax-free! Even if you are not over 65 but are disabled due to circumstances not related to your time in the service, you may still qualify.

The VA tax-free monthly pension benefits, in amounts already established, are paid based as shown below:

  • Maximum base pension amount for a single qualified Veteran is $1,146 each month
  • The maximum amount for a qualified surviving spouse is $768 each month
  • If the Veteran or surviving spouse is qualified as “housebound,” the maximum monthly payment amount is $1,400 for the Veteran or $939 for the surviving spouse
  • If the Veteran or surviving spouse is qualified as “in need of aid and attendance,” the maximum monthly amount is $1,911 for the Veteran or $1,228 for a surviving spouse

Similarly …

  • Maximum base pension amount for a married Veteran is $1,500 per month
  • For a married Veteran who is “housebound,” the maximum amount is $1,755 per month
  • If the married Veteran is in need of “aid and attendance,” the maximum monthly amount is $2,266

How Donald Law Office Can Help

Don’t be overwhelmed by what could be a complicated and confusing government process. Many Veterans give up because they are told they do not qualify and simply accept the “No” answer. This is where we come in. With proper planning, we can help almost any Veteran or surviving spouse determine initial eligibility and go on to obtain a Pension Benefit relatively quickly.

Our two VA-accredited attorneys have the tools and expertise to easily guide Veterans through the system and receive the pension benefits that they are entitled to. Attorney Matthew Donald is a retired Army Major and personally understands the needs of Veterans; Attorney Jennifer Moore is passionate about helping Veterans get the benefits they earned.

At the Donald Law Office, we offer a personalized consultation to determine your eligibility for the VA Pension Program, and assist you in receiving the benefits you are entitled to.

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