Medicaid Planning

Protecting Your Estate as you Plan for Medicaid Services

It’s important to understand that you can protect your estate while also planning for Ohio Medicaid services. You don’t have to lose your home, file bankruptcy, or dispose of assets in order to utilize these services.

Oftentimes, people confuse the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Shown below are some of the general differences between the Medicare and Medicaid programs:


  • Medicare is a federal healthcare plan generally serving individuals over age 65, providing health care coverage for physician treatment, hospital stays, prescriptions, and more.
  • Medicare does not cover long-term skilled care in a nursing home, although it may cover temporary care in a skilled nursing facility.
  • Those with disabilities or specific health issues may also be eligible for Medicare services.


  • With proper estate planning, individuals may qualify for a number of services and assistance programs under Ohio Medicaid as they age.
  • Medicaid offers a variety of elder care services to eligible individuals, including long-term skilled nursing care in a variety of settings.
  • Medicaid also offers assistance for at-home nursing care to those who qualify through its PASSPORT program – which may also provide assistance to residents in an independent living setting.

Our attorneys can help you navigate the Medicaid system and give you and your loved ones peace of mind as you protect your health while preserving your assets.

Here are a few ways Medicaid can help with your care – and appropriate estate planning can help you qualify:


  • The Pre-Admission Screening System Providing Options and Resources Today (PASSPORT) program is designed to cover necessary at-home care to a limited degree
  • Qualifications are the same as those applying for nursing home Medicaid benefits
  • Recipients of the PASSPORT Program can receive the care they need in the comfort of their home

Independent Living Facility Care

  • An independent living facility provides minimal assistance to able bodied seniors who want to live independently
  • PASSPORT can provide a limited degree of assistance to those residents who qualify

Assisted Living Facility Care

  • An assisted living facility provides a structured environment offering meals, cleaning, and other assistance
  • Medicaid is not typically accepted in an Assisted Living facility, unless the facility participates in the Medicaid Waiver Program and the resident is eligible
  • Estate planning is necessary to qualify for Medicaid Waiver benefits

Skilled Nursing Facility Care

  • In a skilled nursing facility, an individual typically cannot provide their own daily care and can no longer live independently
  • If a resident of a skilled nursing facility qualifies, Medicaid will cover the cost of the care
  • According to the State of Ohio, the average cost at a skilled nursing facility is $6,570 per month (Source: Ohio Medicaid Eligibility Procedure Letter No. 118). In reality, this cost can range from $8,000 – $10,000 per month).

How Donald Law Office Can Help

We all face the uncertainty of the “what ifs” of maintaining good health and preserving our lifestyle in our older years – and we all want to remain independent in our own homes. We also want to retain a sense of financial security and not fear losing assets because we may now need assistance from the state Medicaid program.

At the same time, it’s important to be prepared for the unknown and have a plan in place should the unexpected happen such as the need for long-term or rehabilitation care, an extended hospitalization or ongoing treatment for a sudden illness, and so on.

Give your family some additional emotional security – let Donald Law Office help create solutions for any eventuality – and develop the plan that meets your physical and financial wellness needs as you continue to age gracefully into the future.

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