On Veteran’s Day this year, Matt Donald, founding attorney of Donald Law Office, gave a presentation to all of the students of Liberty Union Middle School. During his presentation, Matt explained to the kids what Veteran’s day is and how we can thank Veterans for their sacrifice. Matt showed some pictures from his 23 year experience in the Army. He also showed a moving speech by President Reagan.

I personally was at the school, sitting with the kids watching Matt’s presentation. By the end of his presentation, the kids eagerly raised their hands asking questions about Matt’s service and experiences; and about other Veterans. It was great to see the kids have such a response. There are so many people we interact with every day who have served our country. Without all of our Veterans sacrificing so much we as Americans would not have the lives we have today.

In America, we have not had war on our homeland for many years because our Veterans are in other countries fighting for us. Matt Donald served our country for 23 years. He, along with so many other Veterans, sacrificed countless holidays, birthdays, and special events with family to keep our country safe. Not only did Matt serve our country for over two decades but he now works to help our Veterans get the benefits they deserve. Matt has helped numerous Veterans get VA benefits that they are rightfully owed.