It’s 2:45 a.m. you’re a 56 year old, who wakes up from chest pain. Luckily your spouse is there with you to call 911 and take you to the hospital. Once there you’re surrounded by doctors and nurses and are being hooked up to various machines. The doctor informs your spouse that you’ve suffered a heart attack and that you will need surgery. Luckily a year prior you had chosen your spouse as your health care power of attorney. As they begin to sedate you for surgery, you see your spouse by your side talking with the doctor’s about the best plan of action for your care and you feel a sense of peace that your needs will be met. A health care power of attorney is one of the best legal instruments a person can execute. It allows for someone to act on an individual’s behalf when making medical decisions when that individual is incapacitated. This is a great tool that can help offer peace and reassurance that even through tough times you know you that your decisions for healthcare are going to be followed by your healthcare power of attorney because you took the precautions to ensure everything will be taken care of.