You can avoid probate and many other pesky issues by creating a living trust. This is a trust that you create during your lifetime. In your trust you designate where you want everything to go, just like you would in a will. However, your trust does not have to go through the probate process. It is privately administered so no one in the public ever gets to see it. How does a trust work? A trust is just like that little red wagon you may have had while growing up. When you had your wagon you probably placed things into this wagon, such as toys, and then you took your wagon around and shared your toys with your siblings and friends. Then, when you were finished playing with your wagon you gave it away.

This is exactly how a trust works. The person who owns the trust is the grantor- the person who creates the trust. The person who decides when to take things out of the trust is the trustee- the person who manages the trust. Those who can receive things from the trust while the grantor is alive are the lifetime beneficiaries. The final beneficiaries are those persons that the grantor decides to leave everything to upon passing. There are two basic types of living trusts and both will AVOID probate.

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