Most people blend together the healthcare power of attorney and living will documents- they don’t understand the differences of the two and the need for both! Both documents are important and they are both different. The HCPOA is the document that allows you to appoint someone you trust to speak on your behalf when it comes to medical situations that are not life-threatening. Imagine you underwent a surgery where you lost a little bit more blood than the doctors were anticipating. Your doctors could administer more blood to help speed up your recovery process, however, you are currently unable to tell the doctors to go ahead and do this. Well, your healthcare power of attorney can do this for you!

The LW document allows you to specify the types of treatment you would like to receive if you reach that end-of-life situation. For example, if you reach the situation where you are in a vegetative state and two doctors have determined that the life support is not providing you comfort and care, then your living will can specify the next course of action. The most important thing about this document is that it is YOUR ability to decide how you want things to happen should you reach that situation.

Everyone, regardless of age, should have these documents in place. At Donald Law Office, we will counsel you through the process and guide you along so all of your questions and concerns are answered. Call us today for a free initial consultation!