Elder law is by far one of the most rewarding areas of law in which to practice. Elder law is specifically designed to address the care for the elderly whether it involves estate planning, health care planning, or financial planning. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia that the elderly currently face. Alzheimer’s is a severely debilitating disease and is a truly heartbreaking experience for the elderly and their loved ones. Because of the debilitating nature of the disease, it is critical to plan for the future before the ability to make decisions is lost by the elder. Even if changes need to be made to an estate plan or trust at a later date, it is still a much better option than not having a plan that provides the help that they deserve. The staff of the Donald Law Office has a true passion for working with the elderly and their families. In my personal experience the elderly need love and attention just like everyone else, but the respect and dignity of someone with a life well lived.